Sponsor Announcement – Vic Roads


Another new sponsor to welcome to the Product Camp Melbourne family – Vic Roads!

VicRoads is a government joint venture in the state of Victoria, Australia. We are here to help provide Victorians with safe and easy connections to the people and places that matter most to them, and we are responsible for driver licensing and vehicle registration.

We’re embarking on a large modernisation journey and our vision is to become Australia’s most progressive registry! If you think Product, come join us.

Check out VicRoads on Instagram, at VicRoads or vplates!

Thank you Vic Roads for supporting the product community! We’re looking forward to having you at this years event!

Sponsor Announcement – Mantel Group


And yes! Another awesome new sponsor to the Product Camp Melbourne family – Mantel Group!

Mantel Group is an Australian-owned technology consulting business with capabilities across Cloud, Digital, Data & Security. Since our inception in November 2017, Mantel Group has experienced remarkable growth across Australia & New Zealand and are honoured to be recognised as a Great Place to Work for 4 years in a row!

We hire smart and talented people and get out of their way. As a principle-based organisation we have a flat structure with no hierarchy. By focusing on our five principles and not getting caught up in red tape, we trust you to get the job done!

Our team develops end to end solutions to business problems that help organisations move from idea or concept to delivery and ultimately our focus is helping businesses make human decisions about digital products.

Check out Mantel Group on Linkedin or at their careers site.

Thank you Mantel Group for supporting the product community! We’re looking forward to having you at this years event!

Sponsor Announcement – Seek


Last year Seek hosted Product Camp Melbourne and this year… we’re back in their fantastic office!

SEEK has been helping Australians live more fulfilling and productive working lives for 25 years. SEEK is a diverse group of companies, comprised of a strong portfolio of online employment, educational, commercial and volunteer businesses. As a market leader in online employment marketplaces that span ten countries across Asia Pacific and Latin America, SEEK makes a positive contribution to people’s lives on a global scale.

You can check out their Facebook, Instagram , X (Twitter) and YouTube.

Thank you Seek for your continued support of the product community! Much appreciated!

Sponsor Announcement – Everest Engineering


One of our repeat and much loved sponsors is returning this year – Everest Engineering! Everest has sponsored Product Camp AND helped out immensely when we had some website issues a few years ago!

Everest Engineering – A bold, people first community, building digital products for those who do things differently.

You can check out their Linkedin at https://www.linkedin.com/company/everestengineering/ and check out how they work & what they’re up to on medium: https://medium.com/everestengineering

Thank you Everest for supporting the product community time & time again! Much appreciated!

Sponsor Announcement – Mixpanel


We are super excited to welcome a new sponsor to the Product Camp Melbourne family – Mixpanel!

Mixpanel revolutionizes how companies link product analytics to tangible business outcomes. By understanding the full impact of product and marketing decisions, companies have the necessary information to optimize how they acquire and grow their customers. By providing complete, self-serve, and correct data in an easy-to-use platform, Mixpanel frees teams to move faster, see the whole picture, and measure impact.

Visit mixpanel.com to learn more. You can check out their blog: https://mixpanel.com/blog and LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mixpanel-inc-/

Thank you Mixpanel for supporting the product community! We’re looking forward to having you at this years event!

Product Camp 2023 Wrap Up

keynote, sponsor, summary, talks

And it’s a wrap! Thank you to all the attendees, sponsors, speakers and volunteers for a wonderful Product Camp 2023!!! When we first started planning Camp in early 2023, we weren’t sure how many people would want to be in a large crowd or if we’d need to be wearing masks and still felt like there were a chance we wouldn’t be able to go ahead at all so… being in the room with 200 people and being able to experience camp again was fantastic!

If you have written a blog post or are speaker who’s written up your talk, reach out on the ProdAnon slack to be included below.

We hope you’ll read thru this little summary and give love to everyone involved including keynotes, sponsors, speakers & volunteers!

Our Keynotes: Ken Sandy & Kendra Vant

Product Camp is an ‘unconference’ which means most of the talks are done by attendees though we always organise a keynote or two.

This year we kicked off the day with Ken Sandy‘s Think Like a Product Manager Talk and closed it out with Kendra Vant‘s Kicking the Tyres of AI to See if it’s Right for Your Product. You can check out Ken’s book – The Influential PM – and Kendra’s Substack where she’s posted 4 articles related to her keynote.

Ken Sandy / Product Camp Melbourne 2023 photo courtesy of Siddhesh Jukar


Our sponsors are critically important as they give us a place to host Camp and make sure we are not hangry during the day. Massive thank you to:

Seekamplitude logo
Common CodeColes Group Logo
PaperCut logoPageUp
Product Anonymous
Awesome sponsors!
Rosenfeld Media
amplitude logo
Thank you for the Door Prizes!

Session 1 Talks

Our fantastic attendees offer to share their knowledge and hopes and pain by suggesting topics and then having those voted upon. We had 32 people come up to pitch which was fantastic to see. Thank you!!

First up we had …

Steve Bauer & Amir Ansari with ‘Product is the Enemy of UX‘ – their slides are here and now include the the audience participation via the tag clouds.

Georgia Hart from nDeva talked about finding a product manager job.

Ollie Newbery talked about how to find and tell captivating stories about your work. Slides here

Amplitude ran a workshop twice during the day on Finding your product’s Truth North.

Session 2 Talks

Pearly Yee on the Mistakes I Made becoming a Leader to help us not the same mistakes

Matt Richmond talked about using Continuous Discovery IRL. Slides here.

Shreya Pawar on the art of A/B experiments and drew from a e-comm case study

Brent Snook talked about going from conversation to backlog in minutes.

Andrew Murphy with Debugging Difficult Conversations. Andrew did a talk at NDC Oslo earlier this year on the same topic which can be watched on YouTube

Session 3 Talks

Craig Brown with Product Management Working at Scale. Craig has put together a blog post about his talk (part 1) and part 2

Liz Blink talked about vanity metrics. Her talk was inspired by John Cutler’s article ‘What are Vanity Metrics and How to Stop Using Them

Steve Bauer led a conversation about burnout

Josh Centner talked about what to do during your 1st 90 Days

Penelope Barr on Finding a New Role

Shimona Kee Samson on How to Advocate for Digital Accessibility. Shimona’s has written this post about her talk.

Session 4 Talks

Donna Spencer on Uncertainty

Corina Best on being a PM at a startup

Nick Costner talked about D&D (yes, dungeons and dragons) and product management

Alex Stewart James spoke about Technical Product Manager vs Product Manager. He’s put his thoughts into this post about Unraveling the Differences of the 2 roles

Sakthee Ravi Kumar spoke about Product Vision. Slides here

And we had a room of card games – Cards Against Agility and ShipIt! (the game of product management) courtesy of Craig Brown & Steve Bauer

After Party

Thank you to Craig Brown & the Everest crew for continuing the chats into the evening!

More Summaries of the Day

If you have written up anything, let us know & we’ll add it to the list below:


Thank you to these amazing people who all volunteered their time over the last several months to plan this day – Steve Bauer, Sakthee Ravi Kumar, Daniel Kinal, Brooke Noble, Gwen D’souza, Bryce Chee, Nosh Darbari, Hugh Osbourne, Yau Hui Min, Michael Lambert, Zain Franciscus, Richard Bourke & me – Jen Leibhart plus these amazing people who got across all the things right before the event as our ‘on the day’ volunteers – Yasha Lim, Nigel D’Souza, Ana Rowe, Marija Becker, Steve Cheah, Rebecca Jackson, Mel Brunner, Nat Yan-Chatonsky, Sid Jukar, and Chris Duncan.