Thanks to everyone who joined us for the most exciting unconference event for Product Managers/Marketers/Owners and anyone who's interested in making amazing products.

What is ProductCamp?

We are a collaborative, user-organised professional conference focusing on how to make great products

At Product Camp, everyone participates in some way: presenting, leading a discussion, showcasing a best practice, or sharing their experiences. Product Camp Melbourne is a great opportunity for participants to learn, share knowledge, and network with professionals involved in the product management, marketing, UX, design thinking, development and other fields.

2018 Keynotes

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For You, By You

ProductCamp is an unconference event where the session topics are submitted & run by conference participants. Any participant can present a topic or run a group discussion. Everyone attending decides the day's agenda by voting on proposed topics . Sessions with the most votes are presented throughout the rest of the day.

Talks submitted (so far!):

Data Trust by Design: A hands on workshop from Nathan Kinch at >X

Product Management Fundamentals from Rayen Magpantay at Atlassian

Mindfulness & Problem Solving from Gaurav Bhargva

5 worst habits of Product Managers (one will shock you) from Steve Bauer at Aconex

Engaging Audiences online (virtual) workshops from Gaurav Bhargva

Agile Family in Action: How I empower my family to be Lean, Adaptive and Happy! from Leonard Ng

The day I flipped the pyramid from Stephanie Pagano at Myer

Are you pricing like Dennis Denuto? from John Manning at carsales

Other ideas for talks:

How you use X framework

Working with teams

What do you want to share with people????

You can read a bunch of Camp and individual talk summaries from years past!

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