Make data sexy again!

Data Analytics can be an afterthought for a lot of Product teams and with my experience in Product Analytics – I would love to share a few learnings and tips on navigating this massive field to understand the responsibilities of a PM in the area of data and show how data can help tell your story better!


Methods for moving from uncertain to (more) certain

A hands-on exploration of the kinds of uncertainty we might see in an idea or product development process; and a discussion of methods we can use to increase confidence/certainty.

Beyond Trial and Error: The Art of A/B experiments in Product Discovery

An e-commerce case study

As Product Managers, we often end up investing on ideas that don’t work for our users and product only to realise it when it is live and our metrics are taking a hit. I would like to talk about how we can manifest MVPs of these product ideas and test them through A/B tests to run pilots and validate the results with minimal to no engineering and design effort. Having worked as a PM in an e-commerce unicorn, I would love to do so with the case study of a feature which I led.

Debugging difficult conversations

or, "How to Not Chicken Out"

Over 80 percent of people found that learning to handle Difficult Conversations lead to finding better solutions to their problems. Being able to participate in, and even drive, Difficult Conversations means we can resolve the challenges of our relationships with other people, but it also means we can earn their trust and respect. When we are able to engage truthfully and respectfully with the people around us, we can improve our relationships with them and smooth out the inevitable bumps on the road. This talk will teach you:

  • What Difficult Conversations are and what happens when you ignore them
  • Why having Difficult Conversations can be beneficial to you, your team, and your career
  • A framework to help you prepare for Difficult Conversations

Longer term Strategic Product Planning

Using the Tesla Master Plan model

What’s a masterplan? Why have one? In this session, we’ll walk through Tesla’s as an example, talk about how to structure it for your product.

Continuous discovery IRL

Workflows used at Canva and 99designs that you can implement next week

Struggling to regularly speak to customers even though you know you should be? Does the idea of recruiting, scheduling, interviewing, and synthesising seem too daunting amidst a sea of meetings, placating stakeholders, and keeping projects on track?

Learn some practical tips on how to streamline the continuous discovery process, stay closer to your users, and use those insights to power a more impactful product roadmap in only 2-3 hours a week!

Beginner Product Manager session

What do you need to talk about?

AMA to talk through your top of mind troubles as you’re getting started in product management. Whether you’re hoping to land the role or only a few months or few years in, this is for you. Folk with loooooooong experience in product are welcome to join this session to share their insights to those starting out.

WTF has the Thai Cave Rescue got to do with me?

The rescue of the 12 young Thai soccer kids and their coach from Tham Luang Caves in 2018 was filled with uncertainty but with a clear goal that won over insurmountable odds. Join me on this fun talk as we go on a journey through this gripping rescue mission, where collaboration, adaptability, and resilience played pivotal roles in overcoming extraordinary challenges and what we can learn from it to tackle our own endeavours towards building great products.

Healthy or Vanity Metrics?

Do you know if the metrics you’re using at work are healthy and effective? I’ll take you through an exercise you can use at work to figure out if this is the case for you and your team and help you move away from using Vanity metrics.

  • We’ll chat about what that means and if you’re using them at your company
  • We’ll go through the questions that would help you tease out better metrics
  • Have a structure ready to run a workshop with your own team
  • Share the original resource form John Cutler so you can amend or adapt as you think about challenging the metrics you use today

Sky to Sea

From Conversation to Backlog in Minutes

Go from a conversation to a rough hierarchy of roles, user goals and user stories. We’ll use a whiteboard to map out the behaviour of a system together and then cover how this can be turned into a usable backlog of work.

Let's play Ship It!

We have a product management card game called Ship It. It’s for 3-5 players and a little too close to real life.

Unlock the secret

How to find and tell captivating stories about your work

Learn how to craft a concept and angle from your lived experiences using an easy-to-follow storytelling framework.

Finding a job as a Product Manager

The job market in Product Manager has been a bit of a knife fight for the last 6 months – it’s been difficult for people to stand out amongst the 100’s of other applicants per job being advertised. So, how do you get around this problem?

Solving human challenges in Cyber Security

Present research findings on Human Factor Cyber Security and present the tools we have developed to solve the human challenges facing organisations with Cyber Security.

Working together at scale

How does lean startup and continuous discovery work at scale? What other things do you need to attend to make product management work as your org grows? What other things do you need to attend to if you are in a large company that’s adopting a PM led transformation?

Trolling your way to a strategy

So you don’t know why you’re working on what you’re working on, or you just can’t explain it to you teams beyond “It’s our objective” or “it’s a problem we’ve identified with our customers”. Lets talk about what’s often the missing piece in product… a strategy. Featuring “The Bruce Lee principle”, “The troll’s framework”, “The blind tennis player” and so many others… You just don’t want to miss it!

Product is the enemy of UX

There is a tension between Product and Design. How might we solve it?

Amir and Steve have been fighting in the trenches for years now – sometimes together, sometimes against each other. What is all this fighting about?

The Lost Art of Conversation

Building the Right Thing Together

Learn how to build the right thing, not just what was asked for. A lo-fi interactive session where we are going to cover what makes a great user story kickoff by doing one. We are going to figure out how to build something by talking in front of a whiteboard, exploring behaviour, identifying options and negotiating.

Play Cards Against Agility

I have a deck of Cards Against Agility and will host a game if there is sufficient interest. Will be lighthearted and fun.

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