Talks & Keynotes

Product Camp is an un-conference style event where session topics are submitted & run by conference participants. Read more about what type of sessions happen at Camp & you can also submit a topic you’d like to lead!

The exception to the un-conference style are the keynotes. This is an opportunity to hear from leaders in our community. During the 2 keynotes, we do not hold other sessions.

This year, we’re excited to announce our keynotes… 

Georgia MurchDispelling the Feedback Myths with Georgia Murch

In this ‘un-keynote’, let’s talk about the ‘F’ word. All those dirty lil fears that stop us from stepping up and having the conversations we need to. Our role is to share our fears and Georgia’s is to help us understand if they are true or not.

Georgia Murch– Obsessed about the power of communication, Georgia helps teams and organisations create feedback cultures that can build trust and respect through conversations, not damage them. As an Accountant from her yester years she understands the importance of delivering programs that impact the bottom line.

Working with public and private clients for over 20 years, leading teams and businesses, designing and facilitating culture change and leadership programs means she’s done the miles. She is featured in Sky Business, The Today Show, AFR, BRW,, Huffington Post, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Modern Business and Qantas Radio. Georgia is the successful author of ‘Fixing Feedback’ and ‘Feedback Flow’.

Georgia puts passion on a podium. A remarkable communicator in her own right, she is an inspiring speaker that challenges audiences to become better versions of themselves, in their workplaces and their homes. She works with many of the ‘great places to work’, or those that aspire to be, to help them drive engagement, increase productivity and create super successful businesses.

Georgia is the author of 2 books on feedback – Fixing Feedback & Feedback Flow. 

Another keynote will be announced soon.