We are a collaborative, user-organised professional conference focusing on how to make great products

At Product Camp, everyone participates in some way: presenting, leading a discussion, showcasing a best practice, or sharing their experiences. Product Camp Melbourne is a great opportunity for participants to learn, share knowledge, and network with professionals involved in the product management, marketing, UX, design thinking, development and other fields.

What is ProductCamp?

2017 Keynotes

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For You, By You

ProductCamp is an unconference event where the session topics are submitted & run by conference participants. Any participant can present a topic or run a group discussion. Everyone attending decides the day's agenda by voting on proposed topics . Sessions with the most votes are presented throughout the rest of the day.

Proposed Topics: (so far!)

How to get out of Product Management (or how to advance your career beyond PM)
Panel: Lisa Overton & more (let us know if you're interested in being on the panel)

Beyond the milkshake case study: practical applications of the JTBD framework
Fernando Parra

Transforming HIPPOS from toxic to supportive champions
Mark Bergin

What influencing skills do you need to be the best leader
Liz Blink

Designing for Product - Market Fit using the Value Proposition Canvas
Lisa Overton

Fight Club: Lean Stack vs Human Centre Design vs Agile
Humphrey Laubscher

Making it real : Mixed Reality (HoloLens) application in financial market
Robert Wallis

Are you Pricing like Dennis Denuto?
Jon Manning

Creating the next generation of Product Managers
Jane Scowcroft

Stress, and why it's an obsolete emotion
Darren Duarte

5 Questions to ask yourself before you launch
Leo Edward

Bringing design thinking to a corporate workplace. the learnings!
Liz Blink

Role of "Women in Product"
Jane Scowcroft & more - looking for panellists so let us know if interested in being involved.

Using Behavioural Economics to Build Better Products
Jon Manning

Product Discovery / OKR's
Nuvnish Malik

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