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Jobs to be Done

by Marc Galbraith

For our second keynote, Marc Galbraith will talk about ‘Jobs to be Done‘. Marc is a Lead Consultant ThoughtWorks. Marc has been practicing Agile Software development for over the last 10 years. As a coach he has noticed that now we are finally getting good at software, but designing software for great purpose seems to be a gamble. Marc also dips his toe in product management and wants to ask the question if we can make things really well, how can I make use of the talent in the most effective way to delight customers.

What is ‘Jobs to be Done’? Marc puts it:

What if I asked you this question: “What job did you hire that product to do?” Or as Clay Christensen once put it: “Gosh I wonder what job people hire a Milkshake to do for them?”

It’s a strange one which lead me on to a trip to New York. I sat in on a unique workshop and had my mind blown away as I pondered: “What is someone going to stop doing when they start using your product?”

I want to know how to design business models, products and services in smarter way. When you use a product or service it’s solving a problem, how do you describe that problem?

“Jobs to be Done” gives you a way of describing these problems products and services solve. It also helps give fresh perspective on innovation opportunities and see market disruptions just in time.

I would like to share what I’ve learnt and applied so far in this field hope to provoke some of you into investigate this for yourself.


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