Keynotes & Talks 2018

Product Camp is an un-conference style event where the session topics are submitted & run by conference participants. The list of topics submitted so far is below.

Read more about what type of sessions happen at Camp & you can also submit a topic you’d like to lead!

  • Agile Family in Action: How I empower my family to be Lean, Adaptive and Happy! – As a Product Manager and Agile Coach for years, I always believe that Agile is a mindset and lifestyle rather than merely a framework and rule sets for product management and delivery. Therefore, I embrace the Agile mindset at home with my family and empowered them to live the same values that Agile and Scrum enable us in the workplaces. The kids are happier and more productive as a result. That’s all it matters. And I like to share this story with all of you. – Leonard Ng
  • Engaging Audience in online (virtual) workshops – Technology and globalization have change the way we work in this century. We collaborate with colleague all around the world in different time zone. You may be working with at least one colleague who may be working from home or in different country or time zone. We have figure out how we communicate in short meetings or stand up, but conducting long workshop is still a challenge . Keeping participant engaged and stick to their computer and be productive. In this town-hall discussion, using wisdom of crowd I would like discuss practice of conducting online workshop that is productive, engaging and fun – Gaurav Bhargva
  • Product Management Essentials – Important hard skills to get right for product people. Strategy, goal setting, prioritisation and people management from Atlassian and beyond. – Rayen Magpantay
  • Data Trust by Design: A hands on workshop – Amidst evolving data regulations, shifting consumer attitudes and behaviours, and an accelerated pace of technological change, data trust has never been more important. Yet most organisations early attempts to combat this change have failed miserably.
    In this hands on workshop, Nathan Kinch, Partner of >X and author of Designing for Trust: The Data Transparency Playbook will introduce Data Trust by Design (DTbD); the principles, the design patterns and the toolkit of design practices. – Nathan Kinch
  • Mindfulness and Problem Solving – Most of the eureka moment happen in some kind of relaxation similar to mindfulness. It could be under the shower or in bath tub or after a good night sleep or discovery of gravity while relaxing under the apple tree. But not all relaxation lead to eureka moments. You need to condition your mind for that. Your neurons should store relevant information to make right connections. There is no magic for this creative process, there was lot of cognitive science in this , how brain works and process information. I create small experiments that used mindfulness and pre-conditioning mind to get creative ideas and get future vision. These experiments were small part of design thinking workshop that conducted with various team. Let’s try it out – Gaurav Bhargva
  • 5 worst habits of Product Managers (one will shock you) – Crowdsource our worst habits. And if we have time, try to find some solutions between us. – Steve Bauer
  • The day I flipped the pyramid – This is a tale about how flipping the pyramid is the shakeup that’s needed to turn chaos into high performing teams. I’m not talking about a company hierarchy, I’m talking about rather than focusing on some features, flip the pyramid and start by focusing on top level objectives and how funneling these down can provide clarity and purpose to teams to have the greatest understanding of how their work contributes to the bigger picture. – Stephanie Pagano- Myer
  • Are you pricing like Dennis Denuto? – This talk will cover four topics: 1. Why is pricing getting scary 2. why is pricing so important 3. Are you pricing like Dennis Denuto and 4. ten steps to pricing excellence – Jon Manning- Carsales

The exception to the un-conference style are the keynotes. We arrange the keynote sessions as an opportunity to hear from leaders in our community and discipline. It is a dedicated presentation time with no other sessions going on. – 

Keynote : When being great at your job breaks the world – Cameron Neil
Keynote: The power of pessimism: using Research Ops to avoid calamity in user testing – the research team at redbubble