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Georgia Murch

Georgia MurchDispelling the feedback myths

In this ‘unkeynote’, let’s talk about the ‘F’ word. All those dirty lil fears that stop us from stepping up and having the conversations we need to. Our role is to share our fears and Georgia’s is to help us understand if they are true or not. This will be completely interactive so we get to control the content. How cool is that?

Antony Ugoni

How to be an effective analytic citizen

There is good evidence that organisations have embraced the need for analytics, however “false starts” are still prevalent in the marketplace. What do analysts and organisations require for investments in analytic capability to realise dividends?

  • Finance 101 for Product Designers – Christian Martinez
  • When the Product is Docs… – Swapnil Ogale
  • Transforming one of the big 4 banks – Teri Christian
  • Plan to Win – Teri Christian
  • Launching Teams using GEM Fluency! – Teri Christian
  • Happiness for Product Managers – Steve Bauer
  • How to: Marketing Zero to Hero – Abi Bellamkonda
  • Play ‘Ship It!’ – George
  • Product leadership and the art of tuning your flywheel – Kirsten Mann
  • B2B..2B Product Management – is this a thing? – Kevin Ryan
  • Demystify Product Management for your Stakeholders – Aneesha Govil
  • Know Your monsters, Tame your monsters – Jochy Reyes
  • Product Haiku – Kate Edwards-Davis
  • A sprint in the life of a growth product manager – Andrea Ho
  • Getting things done! Being productive as a Product Manager – Chris Duncan
  • Listen like you mean it – Rohan Irvine 
  • Qualitative Research – Some is better than none – Amir Ansari
  • Mindfulness based emotional intelligence – Lin Mei
  • Compound Velocity – Using Flywheels to Look Beyond Points for Prizes – Tom LeGrice
  • Submit your idea!

Each session is ~ 30 minutes. Format is up to you… workshop, presentation, facilitate a conversation, organise a panel, do something interactive…

When you submit a talk, you’ll get to do a 30 second pitch on the day then attendees vote. Most votes makes the schedule. FYI, there are usually ~12 talks on the day.

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