Keynote 2018 – The power of pessimism: using Research Ops to avoid calamity in user testing

SO EXCITED to announce our morning keynote!

The research team from Redbubble will give us a look into what a user research session might look like – and how to manage it.

Researchers are calm, optimistic and always prepared. User testing is pretty straightforward as long as you have a script and a prototype. Right? Nuh-uh.

Even the most experienced researchers find themselves fire fighting with little warning. In this session we’ll take you on a guided tour down through the many circles of user testing hell. Just so you feel it first hand.

Then we’ll pick ourselves up off the floor, dust off and chat. We’ll talk about powering up with research operations and using pragmatic pessimism to stay alert and ready to rumble.

Our speakers:

Five months ago, Redbubble Research was a team of one. Today, they are a team of five: Naomi Civins, Ana Kresina, Jo Lumsden, Anna Moreno and Emily Murray. They are building an accountable, ethical and inclusive design research practice with an ever-advancing toolkit of methods and approaches. As they grow, they want a sustainable, scalable research practice that gives them the confidence to flex, pivot and explore.

From the team, Emily Murray, Jo Lumsden and Ana Kresina will be presenting at Product Camp.

Emily Murray is a design researcher with over 15 years of experience with corporate, government and education clients, both in-house and as a consultant. She spent too long at university studying architecture, cultural studies and creative writing. But in return, she is rarely bored and gets very animated about details such as front lawns, letterboxes and street signs. She is naturally inclined toward in-context research but has delivered many, many user tests and made plenty of mistakes.

Jo Lumsden has been a design researcher at Redbubble since early 2017, and comes from a background in design and research consulting. In addition to her passion for in-depth understanding of the needs and behaviours of people through qualitative research, she is excited about all things ResearchOps; especially the scaling and democratisation of research.

Ana Maria Kresina has recently moved into the research team at Redbubble after many years of experience in marketing and communications. She is a vagabond hailing from Vancouver, who embraces adversity, obsesses over learning, is an experience-seeker, and a self-proclaimed badass. When she isn’t pursuing design research she’s most likely looking after her plants or eating cheese.

Thank you Experience Design Doers for your assistance & highlighting these awesome people!

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