Keynote 2018 – When Being Great at Your Job Breaks the World

We’re excited to announce our 1st keynote for this year’s product camp!

Whether it’s Uber’s impact on employment conditions and the social contract; Facebook’s monetisation of our data and narcissistic tendencies; or the way the family of Candy Crush games keeps us popping candies over human interaction, the world is waking up to the dark side of digital products.

So what if it’s your job to grow the reach of digital products with big downsides for people or the planet?

In this presentation and workshop, Cameron Neil will explore with you the increasing scrutiny of the ethics and impacts of digital products, some of the emerging responses, and what we might do to ensure being awesome at our job doesn’t break the world.

Cameron Neil is an entrepreneur, advisor, facilitator and speaker with significant experience in sustainable and ethical supply chains, food and fashion industries, international development, social enterprise, organisational development, stakeholder engagement, impact investment and business strategy.

Cameron is co-founder and director of Red Hat Impact, providing founders, entrepreneurs and business managers with capital, consulting and connections to grow businesses with positive social and environmental impact. He is also co-founder and partner of Ethical Fields, a boutique consultancy harnessing the technological disruption of agriculture to create thriving businesses that benefit farmers and their communities.

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