Keynote 2017 – Play at Work

Do you play at work?

What do you think of when that question is asked? Is it images of bright offices with bean bag chairs, social mixers and ping pong tables? Or a team working through a solution with a sense of discovery and amusement?

Play is more than ping pong tables and team outings. Play is a state of mind, it’s a way of learning, it’s doing what you love and it’s a way for us to be more innovative and creative.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. – Einstein

Our speaker, Michael Fearne, will talk about why Play is an essential ingredient in today’s business world, cover examples of how play has changed organisations and give you some practical tips on how to bring the power of play to your work.

Warning: You will be asked to Play during this keynote!

Michael Fearne is a bit of a rebel – he makes business people play with LEGO.

He is the founder of an unconventional consulting company called Pivotal Play, that uses the power of Play to spark creativity and innovation and transform business conversations.

Michael works with companies as diverse as KPMG, EY, Australia Post, Lexus, General Assembly, The Victorian Women’s Legal Service, Aurecon and the State Government.

Twitter: Michael Fearne

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