Product Mgr or Product Owner, Service design thinking & #prodmgmt newbies

Another afternoon session included:

  • Product Manager or Product Owner – Nick Coster
  • Using Service Design Thinking to make Awesome Products – Lisa Overton
  • Panel discussion on Getting into Product Management – facilitated by Liz Blink

Product Manager or Product Owner

This old nugget! It’s amazing how many times this has been a topic of conversation at camp! Yes, a product manager should be different to a product owner – both the responsibilities and the person performing the role. Nick talks through it all…

Video footage coming…


Using Service Design Thinking to make Awesome Products

Lisa Overton talked about service design (& even worked in a cat photo!).

She shared some resources in case you want to learn more – check the last slide in the deck.

Getting into Product Management

We had a couple ‘newbie’ product management topics so we combined them together and got a group of experienced PM’s in a room to share their insights with those keen to know more about the role.

The story is so familiar – those in product management have fallen into it from all sorts of directions, backgrounds or experience. That can be great – because it means anyone has a chance to get started in product mgmt. On the other hand – that can make it hard to know how to pitch yourself to the role.

We talked about attitude being a big part of being a great product manager so looking for ways to show that on your CV can be tricky. However don’t be afraid to call out examples that show you have the balls to do the job and get the attention of the hiring manager. Especially when you need to cut through the domain knowledge bias.

Ask someone to read your CV and help you draw out relevant experiences to impress those you are asking to hire you. Once you can get into the interview stage you will have a good chance to further show your can do attitude and capability, but the words on the paper need to help get you that opportunity. Probably true advice in any industry but the broad range of skills needed in product management makes this part of the job hunt especially challenging.

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