Themes for Product Camp Melbourne

Have a question you’d like to discuss with other product managers and product people? A topic you’d like to tell others about?

If you’d like to present, lead a topic or roundtable discussion, or would love someone to talk about X (but *you* don’t want to talk about it… here is your chance to tell us and vote on what you’d like to hear at Uservoice!

Talks at Product Camp Melbourne 2015 will follow 3 topic streams. The ideas below are just that – ideas & potential talks. If one catches your eye, offer to lead the session. Or use these to help brainstorm what you want to talk about!

Each talk will be ~40 minutes long and should include time for questions. Interactive sessions are always well received. Slides are not required (though screens available if you want).

Theme 1 – Customer Research Talk Ideas

  • Understanding our customers is at the core of product management.
  • What are the best ways to reach customers?
  • How do you communicate your research to stakeholders & team members?
  • A/B testing tips, tricks, hits & misses
  • How can you translate research into user stories & features?
  • Tips for interviewing customers
  • Matching your hypothesis with a great way to test it

Theme 2 – Finance Talk Ideas

  • Often we don’t have the deep details of our product’s financials but as the product person, we should understand even if the responsibility falls to others.
  • How to read a P&L
  • What is missing in your budget & could bite you later?
  • Profit Driver Trees in action
  • The psychology of pricing
  • How to understand your product’s financials when no one is sharing numbers

Theme 3 – Product Management 101 Talk Ideas

  • In this jack of all trades role, there’s lots of core topics we use again & again. Which do we need to improve on or change our way of thinking?
  • Developers love hackdays! How can product love them too instead of feeling like the janitor?
  • Competitive Analysis tips
  • Can you actually get product/market fit? How?
  • Optimising products for growth
  • Are roadmaps worth the time?
  • The role of social media in product management
  • What to do when it all goes to hell!

Lightening Talks
Want to dip your toe into the water? Not sure if you have enough to discuss in 40 minutes (HA! you’ll be surprised!)?

Then suggest your topic for a 10 minute session in the lightening talks. Your 10 minutes needs to include question time. Ideas include:

  • Five things you need to know about SEO
  • The most important thing in your go-to-market plan
  • Resume tips for wanna be product managers

Once you have decided and even if you are still forming an idea get it posted on Uservoice and share with the community what you are working on. Once the votes are in you will know whether you are going to be presenting or not. Feel free to ping us info at if you have any questions or need any support.

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