Product Camp 2015 – date announced!

Hi everyone!

Mark Saturday August 22nd in your calendar. Block it out now. Tell everyone you’re busy and they shouldn’t even think of organising something for that day! Why?

Product Camp Melbourne 2015 on Saturday August 22nd!

More details to come, of course, but start thinking about the following:

  • would you like to volunteer & help organise the day?
  • are you interested in speaking?
  • do you know someone who would make a great keynote speaker?
  • would like to hear about a particular topic but don’t want to do the talk?
  • are you interested in sponsoring the event?

There’s 5 years of summaries to check out from previous camps in Melbourne so have a look & get in touch if you have any questions regarding sponsorships, giving a talk, volunteering or anything else.

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